Florida Automated Weather Network (F.A.W.N) has created a tool on their website to help growers of deciduous fruit crops with decision making when concerning cold weather.  They have incorporated a mathematical model called the Dynamic Model.  I asked Rick Lusher to create a tool using FAWN data to display chill portions calculated by the model.  The model has been used in California to help with the timing of rest breaking agents.  It takes into account warming trends that can negate chill.  I believe it will be a helpful tool for blueberry growers going forward.  For more information on the Dynamic model: http://ucanr.edu/sites/fruittree/files/49320.pdf  The tool is now up and running on the FAWN website.  Click on the station of interest and on the left side of the webpage you will see a link for the model.  Select the dates of interest and the last five years calculated chill portions will be displayed.

Ryan Atwood
Vice President of the FBGA